success stories

Here at elior, we have a reputation for being big supporters of small businesses. with this in mind, over the past year, we have found a new and exciting way to scout out those suppliers who may have been under our radar.

We have been holding dragon's den-style half-day 'forums' where suppliers can come and pitch their products to the Elior team. This involves suppliers giving a 20 minute pitch, followed by a Q&A in true dragon-den style and give suppliers a chance to demonstrate their products and what they can bring to the table.

This new concept has been well-received and has provided a lot of benefits. By creating this simpler way for us to find new suppliers, stakeholders from across the company can see their options first hand. This means they are freer to choose which suppliers suit their clients needs. This unique scheme has also created a buzz within the business, with the forums taking a different shape and location each time.

Thanks to this initiative, our sites have some new, innovative products which are really hitting the spot with customers.


Mallow & Marsh Story

Mallow & Marsh was launched off £250 and no sleep and has kept up that approach ever since. We spend hours perfecting and experimenting with our recipes in order to create these awesome culinary delights.

A melt in your mouth, light as a feather, delicious experience.

Your thoughts on The Big Idea

Really fantastic. I've really enjoyed being part of it, and I feel it was hugely beneficial in being able to help kick start the listing and give us a platform from which to prove sales. It's a great way to trial new products and give smaller companies like ourselves the chance to really step up. 

Has the process been successful for you?

Yes. It took a while to get moving, but we are now seeing strong, consistent sales and we have a clear platform from which to grow and develop the listing. We have now established our route to market and are focussed on growing current sales through POS and sampling as well as attracting new Elior sites, based off the performance of our current sites to date.

Has it been a good experience?

Yes. We've learnt a lot in terms of Foodservice, how the sector works and what our customers look for. It's been great to meet the chefs, and site managers as well, to really understand how the locations work and what we can do to help and improve performance. 

What have the benefits been to your business?

Increased sales, increased exposure and a great platform to step forward with and roll out to further Elior sites nationally.